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Have you heard of the Dragon Project? Be prepared because the game I am introducing is the one that has topped the list for many years in Japan. This is really a big “project.”

Dragon Project is set in the Heiland kingdom. Here, you will face a lot of enemies. To overcome these difficult challenges, the game offers you the ability to make friends and invite friends to join the game together with you.

There are two things you need to do if you want to become stronger in the game. The first is to read through the tips I give in this article. The second is to use the Dragon Project Cheats, it will help you have the necessary things in the game and it’s free.


1. The game modes in Dragon Project

The game has 2 game modes for you. Login by facebook or login by guest mode. Each way has its own characteristics and depends on how you want to participate in the game. While login by facebook makes it easy to post new words to your friends so they can join in the game, then login by guest will help you to experience the game right away without signing up for an account.

2. Plot of Dragon Project

Heiland is a beautiful country and has no war. However, this peace does not last long. There was a dragon to destroy the kingdom with the curse “Hex of Tiamat“. Everything suddenly becomes dark and full of death. The light is gone, but instead the darkness, the cute animals into the fierce monsters … That is the destruction of Heiland. Heiland has gathered their heroes back and fights to defend the kingdom. And the big battle broke out. That is the plot of the game.

3. Tutorial of Dragon Project

When you start the game, the game will provide you with a tutorial on how to play as well as the “actions” in the game. You will do these lessons in a You can slide across the screen to create a direction for your character. Or there is another simpler way which is to use the familiar control panel of mobile games.

4. Simple and intelligent control system

In the game, we always have to fight monsters. Wars always require the skill of players. And in Dragon Project, the controls are really simple. You only need to touch the target and your character will follow and attack the target. It is simple and easy for everyone. When you experience the game, you will see this clearly.

5. Kill all enemies and unlock the portal

In each scene of the Dragon Project, you need to kill all enemies in the map to open the portal to move to the next land. When attacking monsters, you will see the HP bar on top of it. You will know when your target is near exhausted, or you can dodge monsters with “too much HP”.

And in the Dragon Project, gems are a very important feature. Gems help strengthen your character. And with Dragon Project hack, you will easily get gems without any cost.

Gerald Morrison