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Have you gathered yourself some of the go-to video games when you have your free time? The Internet gaming community gives birth to thousands of hilarious game titles every year, which makes the market various and picky. In order not to make you get confused on deciding which game to spend time on this weekend, we’d like to introduce to you the list of ten most played pc games in the 2010s. Check it out!

1. Vex

Do you love to go on an adventure? Well, everyone loves to! In this video game Vex on hudgames , you will be taking the role of a stickman, who is committed to an endless adventure through fantastic phases. Though the stickman has multiple barriers to deal with such as the spikes, tight cubes, etc., he still has got to manage to come to the milestone markers in order to mark his progress and try not to die constantly.

2. Run 3

Another Adventure game that arrives in this list is Run 3. Following the footstep of its predecessors, Run 3 brings the player to an in-space environment where the player will involve himself in the travels from planet to planet.

3. Red Ball

You must have known about the legendary Red Ball video game which is released in the early 2000s. The 2010s version of Red Ball will blow you mind will keep writing the addictive gameplay with the player controlling a Red Ball and trying his best to survive in a 2D game world filled with deadly enemies.

4. Give Up

This game tells you to Give Up, and it will encourage you to Give Up while you are trying so hard to solve the tricky puzzles in order not to Give Up! The quests in giving Up might be unbelievable, but they will test your endurance!

5. Fireboy and Watergirl

Collecting gorgeous gems and learn the rules of the original elements including Fire and Water, all of those addictive factors will be included in this smash-hit game Fireboy and Watergirl. Check up on this million-dollar game now!

6. Bad Ice Cream

If you are a sweet person (well, we all are), then this video game Bad Ice Cream with incredibly adorable movable Ice Cream cones and candies will make you fall insanely in love.


Honestly, we tend to love traveling back in time with the retro elements of pop culture. This video game VVVVVV accomplishes the missions of delivering the old age of the gaming industry to your computer with the arcade gameplay in which you have to reach the target areas without interacting with the deadly creatures that threaten your life.

8. Gun Mayhem

With Gun Mayhem, your dream of becoming a secret agent will come true. Gun Mayhem allows the player to take the role of an animal agent (it’s strange but cool!) and come to fight multiple enemies using a single gun!

9. Strike Force Heroes

In Strike Force Heroes, you will be facing an unknown force that pushes the protagonist to the limit of dead or alive. Playing through several phases of the game, the player will find out deep secrets inside the storyline.

10. GunBot

Gun Bot is a video game that captures the adventure of a GunBot (a strange creature which is equipped with a shotgun). Through the game, the player will have to face lurking enemies and collect blue stars to make his name.
Above are the ten pc games we recommend you to play so bad! What are you waiting for? Let’s grab your device and swing with these games now!

Gerald Morrison