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Grand Battle is a very famous game and there are many people playing this game every day. Since the launch of this real-time strategy game, all gamers participating in this game are attracted by the game’s rich and varied gameplay.

There are many ways for players to develop in the game. You can build in the direction of attack to destroy the enemy quickly, or you can build in the defensive direction to create a strong castle that no one can attack you.

However, the game is relatively complex as it has a lot of features. Therefore, in this article (based on Ricky Yang – developer of Grand Battle) I will introduce you 10 tips and cheats are very useful to be able to win the battle of Grand Battle.

1. Collect resources as much as possible

As we all know, in the Grand Battle, to create soldiers or upgrade tanks, the main ingredients are metal and oil. However, there is a problem that factories will stop working when they have full material. Therefore, the first important thing in this game is that you have to collect as much and reserve as many resources as possible.

2. Electricity is essential for all your activities

Buildings are always the beginning of everything in the game. To create a powerful empire, you must have a lot of high-level buildings. However, the speed of construction and the ability to build more buildings depends very much on electricity. To increase electricity, you need to upgrade the electric factory to a higher level and build more electric factory.

You should also note the overload of power plants. If overloading occurs, power plants will be damaged.


3. Command Center: Your brain in the game

Your population, your tech level, and the amount your army’s weapons will greatly increase each time you successfully upgrade the Command Center. This shows that upgrading to the Command Center is extremely important. However, you need to have enough resources to upgrade. Please upgrade Command Center ASAP!

4. Make sure your troops are always in the strongest state

After each battle, your troops will be reduced in number due to injury while fighting. Find a way to recover to make sure you always have the most powerful army. There are two ways to help your troops recover: 1 to upgrade them and 2 to use medical units to heal them.

5. Risk while attacking other players

Remember that when you attack another player, there will always be certain risks. The most common is that you lose the protective shield effect and when the troops leave the city, your defense at this time will be very weak.

6. Lineup and strategy

Build Gun Turrets and Patriot-to-Ground around your buildings and Command Centers to ensure that enemies cannot attack these important areas. Gun Turrets can shoot enemies in the air and on the ground while Patriot-to-ground can only shoot enemies at the ground.

Remember that when the above areas are destroyed, the enemy can freely loot your resources.

7. Information about “Your VS Arms”

“Arms VS” means killing-ability for the “respective-arms”. They are buildings, aircraft, combat vehicles and VS rifleman. Take note of their colors. VS with the highest level will be green and VS with the red is the lowest level.

8. Destroy other people’s bases and take away their resources

It does not sound good, but this is really what you need to do in this game. You cannot play a game that only builds, then upgrades, and builds again.

Wars are always needed in real-time strategy games. Use spy satellite to attack other players and take away their resources.

9. Understand your opponents – Take advantage of your strengths in battle

When sending troops to fight, I have some information for you:
– The number of soldiers you can send to fight is limited, so you need to consider this and the time you want to attack.
– Use more weapons of the same type, the more power will increase.

In addition, you should also gather information about the target that you prepared to attack. Knowing the strength of the opponent, you will take control of the battle.\

10. Air Force and Ground Force

You must always ensure that your forces consistently have air and ground forces. Because in the game only a few units can attack both the air and ground, typically Gun Turrets. However, only that is not enough, you need to have separate forces for each type of terrain on the battlefield.

Gerald Morrison