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Wizard of Oz is a new puzzle game of zynga. The game is developed for Android and iOS players. This game is very fun, there are 3 moves at each level and you need to pass them to unlock new levels.

You will not be able to foresee the puzzles, which increases the challenge for the player. However, when you complete the question, the short video games and unique items will be worth the reward for you when overcoming the challenge of the game. And to find out more about this game as well as its tips, please read this article.

1. Game play is simple and fun

Game of Wizard of Oz is very simple, your main task in this game is to collect enough three pieces to form a single part. You will do the same task until you solve the puzzles in the game and get the items from solving these puzzles.

Once you complete the quiz, you will unlock the secrets of emerald city. You can also use medals to get help from NPCs. But you have to save these medals as they are very rare and have a limited amount. However, we recommend that you have the wizard of OZ magic match cheats, which will give you many medals in this game.

2. Magical world and adventures

The world of Wizard of Oz is a world full of magic and mysteries waiting for you to discover. You will be traveling from Kansas to the emerald city, then munchkin land, haunted forests and other marvelous places … you will discover new things and rewards such as the cards. , the new characters …

The more you play the game, the more you will get new cards and unlock the movie in the game. When you unlock all the movies, you will get a mini story about your character and you will unlock new events.

3. Battles with the Wicked Witch

In the game, you will have to fight with the wicked witch to possess the wizard of OZ. In these matches, you need to complete the puzzle in the fastest time. Once you win, you will receive rewards.

You can use the Wizard of OZ magic match cheats to win wicked witches easily and unlock new characters in the game.

4. Collection and rewards of the game

There are many events and missions in the game. When you complete the daily quest, you will receive great rewards. You will also receive additional bonuses if you collect them every day. Besides, there are also special events and discount packages. In particular, at weekly events, rewards are extremely valuable.

5. Kill all enemies and unlock the portal

As I mentioned above, in order to own the wizard of OZ, you need to win wicked witch battles. In difficult matches, you will have to spend a lot of medals. However, Wizard of OZ magic match hack will give you items, medals and other power. In addition, you can receive packages that are not available outside, of course they are completely free.

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